Aromatherapy literally means healing with the aromas and I believe, is a concept that is quite well-known, although it is very broad. But have you heard of Aromachology?  it can be described as the science of fragrances. Sometimes referred to as olfacto-therapy, it implies the study of aromatic scents and the influence they have on the way we feel, on our behaviours, allowing us to take control on the emotions that come to us.
While I was studying French Aromatherapy at the Faculté Libre de Médecines Naturelles et d’Ethnomédecine in Paris- France, I discovered the many ways in which essential oils could be used, one of them being through the olfactory pathway. Inhaling essential oils can have tremendous benefits on our memory and bring more balance within ourselves”. – Joëlle SMANIOTTO.

Here is a bit about what I do .. 

Thailand is considered as one of the best countries in the world for massages, relaxation but also all kinds of therapies contributing to our well-being. From the massage parlour at the corner of your street all the way to the most luxurious 5-star hotel spas, the choice is ours.
As it is sometimes up to our own judgement to appreciate a masseuse / therapist’s skills, the products they use to rub on your skin are as important and using the right Essential Oils for your massage will make it so much more efficient! I like to share my professional knowledge in Aromatherapy, and I like to see essential oils being used to their optimal potential.
Contact me if you are a running a Spa and you would like to design your Aromatherapy menu, develop your range of essential oils to suit best your customers’ needs, or arrange for some training for your staff.

It all starts with breathing. And breathing essential oils can work wonders on the way you feel: in your own skin, within a group, in certain situations where sometimes our emotions seems to take over control on us.
To whom are my “Aromachology sessions” addressed?
– If you are facing a period of stress, if you are anxious, have difficulty sleeping, or are facing other more personal challenges, you can get in touch with me for a personalised discussion.
– If you are representing a company and are interested in learning more about Aromachology and would like to incorporate it in your Corporate Wellness programme.
– If you have a group of individuals interested to learn about aromachology and have an open discussion about it for an introduction.

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