Hello to you, and welcome on Eat Healthy in Bangkok, I hope you enjoy reading what is here!”

My name is Joëlle, I am a 33-year old farang who recently moved to Bangkok, after 10 years already spent outside my home country (France), in Asia and the Middle-East.

Following a healthy lifestyle has always been an aspiration, but above all, it has been an unachieved and abstract goal with quite some struggles along the way! Things started to change when I realised that I should focus on what truly matters: being and feeling healthy, indeed, rather than obsessing on how or whom I should look like.

Shifting my attention and efforts towards a more harmonious life and making the right choices, is to me the definition of a healthy lifestyle.
I am still far from doing everything as ideally planned, but that is part of the game!
We make mistake, we learn, we improve.

The ambition of “Eat Healthy in Bangkok” is to connect with you, if you share similar interests and also to support initiatives promoting healthy eating and living. Bangkok so far has impressed me with its diversity, positivity and kindness! And I look forward to more.

Besides, I run a bespoke Brand Consultancy and Representation company, and I currently partner with a French University of Natural Medicine teaching Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Massages, Reflexology and more, focussing on bringing a holistic approach to energetic and natural medicines and integrate it to the western medicine methods.

I am passionate about scents and their emotional dimension, as well as the benefits of aromatic plants on our overall health. That is why few years back I decided to study Aromatherapy, and Essential Oils have a very special place in my life.
Today, as a Certified Aromachologist, I focus on olfactive therapy, and the positive influence that aromatherapy can have on our feelings and emotions.

Whether you have an interest in contacting me for business or just to have a chat on healthy living and more, I hope to read from you sometime!

Take care ♡

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