Getting back to my laptop and blog after a rather long break, as the most beautiful and intense chapter of my life has started: motherhood!
I gave birth to my baby boy early June, 3 weeks earlier than expected. That was a first message from this new life saying that from now on especially, I have to be aware that there will be many events along the way I won’t be able to control, and that not everything will happen according to plans. Right, mamas?
So here we are, I am a mom now! And as my new function is going to keep me busy and shape my days (and nights), I wanted to create this section on the blog, to share and connect with some other moms and moms-to-be here in Bangkok.
Starting from the beginning, here are a few words about being pregnant in Bangkok, and I hope the info shared here will be useful to some moms-to-be!

As I felt (and was) so huge during pregnancy, I don’t appear on many pictures. If I can give a little piece of advice is to actually take more pics of you pregnant, as you will look for those later on I am pretty sure 🙂 

Natural beauty 

Pregnancy is a moment during which many women will make a change in their lifestyle to provide the best to their baby, and that includes their beauty rituals.
Our skin is our largest organ, and from shampoos to body creams and make-up, it is quite a bit of products we are exposing ourselves to, so why not picking more natural options to prevent from too many chemicals to enter your body (and your baby’s)?
Here in Thailand, I see a lot of products claiming to be “natural”, but when you take a closer look to the labels, it is quite a (bad) surprise.
One shop that I like for natural ready-to-wear and DYI cosmetics, is Novessence, on Thonglo. Their range includes the make-up brand Boho Cosmetics that I particularly love.
Even now, for my baby bath, I am using their neutral cleansing gel. Novessence also often organises workshops to learn how to create your own products at home, and their schedule is available through their Facebook page.

Massage or not? 

There are already so many fun things that we are not supposed to do while pregnant, right? So let us have our massages! I enjoyed them throughout my second and third trimester.
I tried a few places that offer specific pregnancy massages:  no intense Thai massages then, but the idea is really to relax in the hands of professional therapists who will focus on releasing some tensions, help your energy circulate and have this moment for yourself (enjoy those as there won’t be so many for a while when baby is here!).
My two favourite places for “pregnancy massages” in Bangkok are The Hive Spa and the Spa at the Peninsula. For the latter, I highly recommend going there with your partner and book the couple’s room, it is stunning! So yes to massages, but with properly trained therapists.

At the Hive Spa

Spa at the Peninsula Bangkok

Stay fit and protect your back 

I cannot thank enough the team at The Balance Studio that has accompanied me throughout my pregnancy. As I started to have back pain from my first trimester, I reached out to Stephane & Jida’s pilates studio located by Asoke (Interchange building).
Besides their group classes, they have private sessions conducted in a fully equipped studio and as a mama-to-be, this is what you want to do! I found that Pilates was the best way for me to work my muscles in a gentle way, as well as preparing me for a smooth delivery. You will focus on maintaining a strong core, work your pelvic area, release tensions, and build strength.
The Balance Studio also specialises in injury recovery due to accidents, office syndrome, pilates for golfers among other things.

The Balance Studio

What to expect? 

If you are looking for a complete course for future parents, the place you want to check is called “The Best Beginning”, which has opened this year in Bangkok. We did sign up for a 10-hour course that covered all the basics of what you should know before giving birth. From delivery to breastfeeding, The Best Beginning has created a comprehensive programme for both future parents to attend, so you are (both) mentally prepared.
In many countries, clinics would have similar classes, but in Bangkok, what the hospitals offer is quite limited, so that is great that centers like this one exist to help us demystify parenthood.
They also have many fun and useful activities once your baby is here, such as baby massage or first aid classes, plus they offer home visits to help you with breastfeeding and check on you and your little one.

With Isabel, founder of the Best Beginning and lactation specialist 

Breastfeeding made easy! 

Eat well, when you can! 

While “eating healthy” is an obvious advice a mom-to-be could receive, I also know that it is not always easy to find something to please the palate when you feel nauseous.
Some days I couldn’t be bothered cooking, but still wanted to have balanced and healthy meals.
Polpa and Tonic are two of my favorite home delivery options in Bangkok that ticked most of my boxes during pregnancy. If you eat a plant-based diet, check Pranaa’s meal plan. As a non-vegan, I even enjoy their meals 🙂

Dear (future) moms, what are your favorite addresses? Let me know your thoughts and favorite options in the comment section!

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