One dilemma in life could be to be French (aka. bread eater) and want to be healthy. Welcome to my life! I have a lot of admiration for the most disciplined of you who can pass by a bakery, smelling the fresh bread being taken out from the oven, and just don’t care! Would you please teach me…? In the meantime, although my days of indulging in buttery croissants like there is no tomorrow are behind me, I still have a weakness for some good bread. Now, I can’t ignore that anything containing wheat and gluten (as it is often the case for bread) might not be the best thing for my gut and overall health, I looked for solutions to deal with my little weakness! As I have explored a few options in Bangkok to detect some french-palate-approved bread, let me share with you those that I have particularly liked from both taste and health perspective.

Bye bye daily buttery croissants…But I’ll come back to our love once in a while! 

  • Ámantee Bakery

I met Gilles Sandre (founder of Ámantee Bakery) at one of the Farmer’s market at Gateway Ekkamai, where Ámantee usually has a stand with a beautiful spread of breads that your hungry eyes can’t miss! Each time I passed by their stand, there was a crowd. And I soon understood why.
I approached with a bit of curiosity and joined the conversation to understand that Ámantee was a lot more than just a French bakery.
Their priority is to provide breads that contain “unadulterated” and “non-genetically modified” cereals: their Wheat, Einkorn, Spelt, Khorasan, Rye, Buckwheat, Chestnuts, and Corn flours are all French, certified organic, stone milled and without any additives.
They take the time to produce quality breads that will be a great addition to a healthy, slow-food diet. And according to them, based on the ingredients they use and their baking methods, their breads shouldn’t trigger any negative health reactions. I am taking those words but I can’t confirm as I am not subject to celiac or other particular disease.

> 2240/12-13 chan kao road Chongnonsee (main)
> EmQuartier, 4th Floor Helix Building (by Another Story store)
> Find them at the Gateway Ekkamai Farmer’s market.

What we love: Our favorite breads are the loaf with apricots and nuts and the Einkorn bread. Together with some Bordier butter: perfect simplicity!
In an era where many things seem to be produced fast, quick and cheap, it is comforting to find quality products such as Ámantee breads.

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“Ámantee means peaceful space. Both their bakers (Jonathan Valdman and Benoit Fradette) are known as artisans of the revolution of bread baking, creative designers and taste adventurers, re-inventing their profession with signature breads” 

  • Bake the Sprout 

All breads – as announced in their company name – are made with sprouted whole grains. You might wonder why, or what is good about that? The answer is in the sprouting process, resulting in a high amount of soluble fibres, and in a reduction of both carbohydrates and gluten.
Like for all foods that seem too good to taste the way we hope (as good as “traditional” breads), I gave it a go, and really liked some of their creations.
And they are indeed very creative! To name a few, you will find on their fresh bread menu, items such as the Sprouted Wheat Turmeric & Sundried Tomato, the Sprouted Wheat Charcoal & Sundried Gooseberry, or the Sprouted Wheat Spicy Jalapeno-Cheese Ciabatta.
My favorite are more classic options but that go a long way and go well with pretty much anything you can imaging putting on bread: The Multigrain French Artisan Loaf, and the Sprouted Rye Walnut.
So, not only the bread flavours are there, but I didn’t feel I was eating a bread substitute or so. Totally up for reordering!

> Order online here
> Find them at the Gateway Ekkamai Farmer’s market.

What we love: Our preferences go to the more “classic” types of bread. Maybe it is a cultural thing but to us, good bread should be simple and beautiful 🙂 However, we also salute their creativity in bringing super flavourful creations to the party!

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“Bake The Sprout is based on good provenance, great tasting food and promoting healthy living. Our distinctive and contemporary range of breads, cakes, cookies and pastries use freshly stone milled sprouted, traditional, heirloom, and ancient whole grains, as well as pulses, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds.”

Sunshine Market

The more I shop there, the more I discover fantastic products! Or maybe it is the other way around… The more products I look for, the more I realise that Sunshine Market is often the answer.
If you are the type who like making everything from scratch, I think it is safe to say that there you can find the widest range of Bob’s Red Mill products in Bangkok, including healthy flours: Gluten-free oat flour, Organic stone ground whole grain flour, Organic buckwheat flour, etc.
Else, if like me you are very happy when skilled people make things so you can enjoy them… you will be pleased to know that Sunshine Market has a bakery corner at their physical store.
On their online shop, the breads are listed under the “Fresh from us” section. Buy them fresh and enjoy within a few days or you can freeze them too.
My number one is the Gluten-Free Multigrain but options are plenty! They even have a Gluten Free Paleo bread using Almond & Coconut flour.

> 28 Sukhumvit soi 22 (opposite Marriott Marquis)
> Order online here

What we love: As one of the best health shop in Bangkok, what is not to love!  We love the gluten-free options for breads and the fact that that they managed to get a great texture for their loaf.

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“Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or even just looking to lead a healthier lifestyle, Sunshine Market is the place for you! We sell great and healthy ingredients that are sure to fill your kitchen with love and wellness” 

  • Theera: The Healthy Bake Room 

Through Steps with Theera and Theera the Healthy Bake Room, Theeta ‘Uang’ Hotrakitya has successfully combined passion and life as it happens. After finding out her autistic son had a severe gluten allergy, she was in the kitchen straight away trying to make his favourite foods gluten free and still as delicious. All the food you find in her outlets are made with the same passion and care and with the help of her team, among which she hired trainees with specific needs, giving them the opportunity to be part of her great project and long-term vision. You can learn more here. In terms of bread and bakery, whether you shop online or directly on the spot, your sweet tooth will be satisfied with some Banana Bread, Dark Chocolate Brownie or Green Tea White Chocolate Cookies.
We have tried three types of bread, they are all gluten-free, dairy-free and for some nut-free, and egg-free.
Our favourite is the Olive bread, with a not too crumbly texture and with real olive bits that give a smooth flavour, a bit like an olive focaccia, but much healthier! We recommend to pop them in the oven a little bit.

> Sukhumvit 42, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
> 29/8 Ekamai 10 Sukhumvit 63
> 9 Pridi Banomyong 20/1 Sukhumvit 71
> Shop online 

What we love: Their commitment, passion and dedication. And their olive bread 🙂

>> Link

“Quality, organic ingredients are incredibly important at Theera. Where possible, we support local retailers and collaborate with many local businesses who share our ethos.”

  • Bei Otto  

Their traditional looking German house, right in the middle of Bangkok is a statement! Bei Otto has been around for more than 30 years and all you can find there will take you straight to Germany. Besides the restaurant and delicatessen, they are known for their bakery and their range of German breads (Germany counts about 300 varieties of bread!).
Freshly baked to their native standards “without cutting corners or sacrificing on taste”, Bei Otto is honouring its heritage, and you are in the right place to have a taste of Farmer Bread, Heavy Rye Bread, Kraftkorn Bread, Rustical Bread, Swiss Country Bread, Rye Mixed Breads, Multi Grain Bread, French Country Bread, wheat mixed and much more. They also serve various rolls, swabian pretzels, and pretzel rolls.

> 1 Soi 20 Sukhumvit Rd

What we love: Their dark breads. They might not be free of gluten but the flour used are whole, and prepared following traditions.

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  • Supermarket options 

Let’s be realistic, we don’t always have the luxury of time to plan ahead our bread shopping (do we?) So if none of the option above is practical at times, we still have some decent options at our doorstep.
I recently found an alternative to bread or mostly crackers and so far I am super happy with it! The Australian brand Orgran  has some “Crispi Bread” that is totally gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, yeast-free and vegan! The ingredients list only has 3 things: the buckwheat flour (68%), some rice flour and some iodised salt.

> I buy mine at Villa Market (not sure if they all have it, but the one opposite Piman 49 does)

Lastly, and as another German bread option, you will find the brand Prünte in several supermarket around the city. They specialise in rye bread, and pumpernickel. Prünte Bakery is a sixth generation, family-owned company locate in Northern Germany. Since 1778, the Prünte name has stood for unmatched excellence in the fine baking of Pumpernickel and whole grain rye bread.

> Villa Market, Gourmet Market

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