There is one place on earth that I will always call home, that I will always go back to, and no matter where I live most of the year, that will always feel like home too. This place that I miss when I am away from it, and that I complain about when I am there! is Paris.
But when home has not been a daily home for a good 10 years and the landscape has evolved, my experience rediscovering the not-so-contested most beautiful city in the world, sometimes looks a bit like a treasure hunt.
What do you guys do when you fly back to your home town? What are you after? In my case, you bet… I go out in the city to (re) discover the latest fashionable places to have a good coffee and delicious food. And more so when those places are imprinted with a strong commitment from their owners to source as local as they can, to feed us well, and to be welcoming and nice! (yes, Parisians can be nice! it is just that you haven’t met the right ones if you think otherwise^-^).
As old cities don’t drastically change – and that is fortunate – I do still have my old habits and my favorite arrondissements which are mostly the 2nd, 3rd and 9th.
In this article, I wanted to list several addresses to cover different price ranges and styles but there are just too many! So for now, I will focus specifically on healthy cafés & fast-food.

(Picture of us by Margaux Pastor) 

Healthy Cafés & Fast Food 

The adresses below are for quick & healthy meals and beverages.


    Founded by a true gourmet, passionate about healthy living and organic food. They believe that eating healthy, nutritious, nice-looking dishes that are also tasty is possible. Promise delivered!

    Where: (2 outlets) 6 rue du forez, Paris 3e (Le Marais) – 58 rue du faubourg poissonnière, Paris 10e
    Best for: Superfood, Vegetarian, Vegan-friendly, Home-made, breakfast, lunch, brunch
    Our favorite thing: their brunch with bottomless hot beverages, the homy atmosphere
    >> Website

(image from Café Pinson Facebook) 


    Best known for their fantastic 100% cold-pressed juices, they also offer sophisticated & health-boosting hot beverages and slow food options for the busy parisians. They use no refined sugar, no additives or chemicals, no GMOs, no soy, no dairy and no gluten.

    Where: (2 main outlets) 55 rue Charlot,Paris 3e (Flagship, Le Marais) – 4 Rue du Helder, Paris 9e
    Best for: cold-pressed unpasteurised juices, detox programs, healthy lattes, healthy snacks
    Our favorite thing: the trendy & international vibe, the wide range of healthy beverages
    >> Website

With my friend Sarah 🙂 One of the best yoga and Yamuna teacher you could find by the way! 


    As long as I blog, burgers will always be part of the deal! (how I love burgers…).  Many burgers outlets have opened in the past 5 years or so in Paris, focussing on French quality for the ingredients. Bio Burger is our pick as it is 100% organic.

    Where: (3 outlets) 45 Rue des Petits Carreaux, Paris 2e – 46 passage Choiseul, Paris 2e – 10 rue de la Victoire, Paris 9e
    Best for: burgers only
    Our favorite thing: the classic burger with farmer’s cheddar and their homemade ice teas
    >> Website

(images from Bioburger Facebook and 

  • SO NAT 

    Vegan & Vegetarian neighbourhood canteen offering buddha bowls in 2 sizes, and several options for healthy dessert. They always have at least 3 choices, and the menu varies often, according to the season.
    Where: 5, rue Bourdaloue, Paris 9e
    Best for: Vegan, Vegetarian, Buddha bowls
    Our favorite thing: their bowls are very generous and combine a variety of ingredients
    >> Website

    Japanese meets French! At Nanashi, you have several options for an effective & healthy lunch. The options are mainly to be served bento style, with a choice of meat, fish or vegetarian, but for extra variety, there are always some daily specials too (like on the picture). All in a trendy industrial canteen.
    Where: (2 outlets) 57 Rue Charlot, Paris 3e –  31 rue de Paradis, Paris 10e
    Best for: Japanese style with a Parisian twist, bentos.
    Our favorite thing: balanced and substantial meals for your weekly lunch, and their week-end brunch
    >> Website

    As the name indicates, the king ingredient here is (soy) tofu!  They make very good and unctuous tofu: either plain or with sesame for instance, they have bento-type of lunches, always very fresh, and tofu-based dessert that we literally adore.Where: 59 Rue de Richelieu, Paris 2e
    Best for:
     Quality tofu in many forms and flavours, bento lunch, tofu dessert
    Our favorite thing: their desserts, especially their tiramisu. The best we’ve ever had!
    >> Website
  • LOUMI’S 

    The rue Montmarte being one of my favourite in Paris, I had to include at least one place to stop by a healthy lunch. There are many thought! But I picked Loumi’s for its made-to-measure salads which you can create according to your taste or mood of the day, with a combination of very fresh ingredients. 
    106 rue Montmartre, Paris 2e
    Best for:
     salad bar
    Our favorite thing: the location and the freshness
    >> Website

(images from Loumi’s Facebook)


    The philosophy there is to serve you homemade food, and the menu changes daily. You will find vegetarian dishes for him and for her, gluten-free, and with flavours from around the globe to satisfy every palate. Most of the ingredients are organic.Where: 6 rue Saussier Leroy, Paris 17e
    Best for: Homemade salads, quiches and tarts
    Our favorite thing: the mix and match to create a personalised plate
    >> Website

(image from La Table Verte Facebook) 

Wherever you are in Paris… 

You might not be far from one of these outlets. The options below are franchises that we trust to be delivering you a dose of fresh & healthy.

  • JOUR

    Healthy by Nature is their modjo, and they are dedicated to quality, traceability, and sustainability for all the products they serve us. Their menu evolves with the season, and you can find them in over 10 locations. See their addresses here.

    Best for:
    salads, soups, savoury tarts, sandwiches, desserts
    Our favorite thing: it is fast food, but it is good food!
    >> Website

(images from Jour Facebook) 

  • EXKI

    Predominantly local and vegetable-based, Exki’s promise is to allow us to eat in harmony with nature, as they describe it to be the best way to be in shape and to stay there. See their addresses here.
    Best for: soups, hot dishes, savoury tarts, fruit recipes, pastries
    Our favorite thing: their hot dishes especially during winter. Plus, all their outlets are very welcoming
    >> Website

(images from Exki Facebook) 

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