Some weeks I would have all planned ahead, down to my lunch menus and outfits! and some others: a total chaos! C’est la vie… Nothing is always the same.  And as sometimes unexpected situations can surprise you with the best, the contrary is also true. Take a concrete example I am sure many of you can relate to: lunch time.
As you understand with this blog, good food is a big deal to me, and having a crapy lunch does put me in a bad mood! I should never complain, I do know that I am lucky to have enough food on the table, and that is already a lot. And a way to honour this, is by not wasting food, and supporting chefs who take pride in feeding us with good stuff.
Another way of honouring food and to some extent, our healthy selves is by taking a minimum of time to feed ourselves properly, even on the days we are in a rush.
Following this mindset, it is a little accomplishment to know that if I didn’t meal prepped and if I need something quick and healthy to eat outside or in front of my computer (because some days it happens…), I always have the following options. My lunch saviours!

  • Dressed

    “Meals that make you feel good” 
    Around since 2013, Dressed has now 5 outlets in Bangkok. I am glad this joint exists! as there is always a time during the week when I just want to eat a good satisfying salad, and this is part of what they do.
    You can either create your own or choose from their signature salads such as the Detox Antioxidant, the Chicken Cordon Bleu or the Seared Tuna. My favorite these days is the New Orleans (with cajun spiced chicken).
    What I love about those salads is that they are creative but also classic in a good way: no fuss or silly combination of ingredients; at Dressed, you find comforting and smart salads!
    Each salad is available in 2 sizes (from 140 THB to 375 THB) or in their wraps or sandwiches versions.
    For more options, take a look at their protein meals. I love the Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon with quinoa salad and cashew gremolata (375 THB).
    All dishes on the menu come with the related nutritional value information so if you usually refer to those, you won’t be lost here.

Few words from Dressed to us…
Dressed was created to fill a void in Bangkok, which was the absence of a fast casual concept emphasizing healthy, yet delicious salads. Dressed was the first to launch such a concept and the response was initially slow for a year, but soon customers became regulars and realized that Dressed could become an inherent lifestyle choice. With time, Dressed evolved to become a concept that gave customers more opportunities to create their own meals as we realized in today’s fast paced world, people have different dietary requirements at different stages of their lives.
Dressed maintains complete transparency as an open kitchen concept and also provides all the nutritional information which covers total calories, protein, fats, carbs, fibre and sugar. We keep evolving and trying to better ourselves in terms of customer requirements, helping local farmers, sourcing better ingredients, hygiene etc., which is an on-going learning for us everyday that we are all immensely passionate about.

Dressed Website
Locations: Mercury Ville, Exchange Tower, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Empire Tower

  • Khun Churn (Vegetarian cuisine)

    Isn’t food court a wonderful concept? It is so practical, especially when you go as a group. No debate or hesitation, pick what you want and we meet in the middle table. Lunch saviours x 2!
    To be honest, I actually love the concept, but in many food courts, I would think “why can’t there be ONE healthy stall, out of all these options?” And then I discovered Khun Churn at Eat Thai (B1 of Central Embassy shopping mall).
    My comfort choice is the Kao Kra Pao Tofu (stir-fry tofu with hot basil and chili over rice; 140 THB) but they also have a Super Food Salad that is great for a smaller appetite. It is made with 7 types of grains, avocado, and chopped veggies with italian dressing.
    Khun Churn started with a vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai and now they have several outlets in Bangkok. For delivery, you can check their menu here.

Few words from Khun Churn to us…
Khun Churn had started from a small kitchen in Chiangmai since 1996, we started from a Vegetarian catering for Meditation group, with a good feedback so we started the first branch in Chiangmai. The name Khun Churn came from Khun Churnjuti, the founder name, which quite well known among Chiangmai customers.
Our philosophy is try to make Vegetarian food to be more acceptable among normal customers, of course it should be a tasty Thai Vegetarian food. We use tofu, mushroom, taro, and local herb & vegetable that good for health.  We are so proud of our unique recipe.
Must try :  for appetiser, Fresh spring roll and Pomelo salad. Single dish, you can’t miss Padthai and Khoa Soy (Chiangmai noodle style). For Salad, Super food salad with Quinoa and Grilled Mushroom Salad with our homemade dressing.

Bangkok: Eat Thai Central Embassy B1(BTS Ploen Chit), MBK center Food island 6th Floor (BTS National Stadium), Mediplex Building GF (BTS Ekkamai), Ngam Wong Wan (Nothanburi area), Karnjanapisake (Bangyai area)
Chiang Mai: J-Imboon Building

With projets to open another branch soon!

  • Mix & Munch

    “Flavorful foods, cravable combinations”
    On the very happening Sukhumvit Road, is this fresh spot that I hope you won’t miss! But if you do, not a problem as they have a delivery option too.
    As they call it, Mix and Munch is about “free style combination”, be it a salad or a hot meal, for which you pick your base, a protein, a sauce, a cooked veggie option and finally a grilled greens, and few minutes later, your lunch is served.
    Quick & easy. And isn’t that what we need on those hectic days?
    I was pleased when my plate came out (chicken with the Mix & Munch sauce, cooked spinach, sweet potato, rice berry; 394 kcal, 175 THB). The lean and clean appearance of the meal does justice to what it is: a healthy and balanced lunch, that will help you stay fit. On top of that, these are very affordable as the first set starts at 100 THB.
    To go along, for only 35 THB, you can get a refreshing drink such a roselle, pandan juice or butterfly pea cocktail.
    And for the days you need a bit of sweetness, Mix & Munch does promise you (yes, they do!) to find in their vegan brownie, the best taste-for-calorie dessert on the market. I guess that is worth giving it a try, right?

    Mix and Munch website
    Location: 392/9 Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 18 and 20, BTS Phrom Pong)

  • Tonic

    “Refreshingly wholesome”
    I will start by telling you that Tonic has variety! You will not get bored with ordering your lunches there, even few days in a row, as at Tonic the menu changes daily. The highlight there? The vegetables. But hear me well, the kind of veggies that makes you want to eat more veggies: a virtuous circle! On top of that, you have some protein options, and my vegetarian friends, I think you will enjoy the Baked Falafel, and the Sesame Crusted Tofu. With such appetising options to chose from, Tonic I am sure will have something to please your palate on any day of the week. You might want to note that the food is to be eaten cool or at room temperature so don’t be surprised when you get your box. You can eat on the spot, or otherwise they deliver all over Bangkok, from Mondays to Saturdays.
    I personally love their root vegetables, and the turmeric carrot is very refreshing. For the Tonic adepts out there, please tell me what your favorites sides are!
    A “sides + protein” box will cost you about 170 THB to 210 THB. If you go for their daily sets (about 320 THB including delivery) you will get a drink: try their Turmeric and Ginger Tonic, and a dessert.
    With such a lunch, you will be ready to face your busy afternoon!

Few words from Tonic to us…
The idea came from a simple craving for vegetables coupled with a busy lifestyle where cooking isn’t always easy. We believe that vegetables contain the important nutrients our bodies need and should be the majority of our diet, but yet most of our meals (when we eat out) consisted more of rice/carbs or meat. We found that there are so many great restaurants in Bangkok but it was difficult to find just a simple, casual place that served a variety of vegetables: a place that didn’t have to be specifically vegan, vegetarian, organic, salads, etc. We wanted to create a place that made vegetables a bit more accessible and fun – where eating healthy didn’t have to be so serious.
We started Tonic not just to satisfy the people who already want to eat healthily, but we also wanted to get the people who don’t yet eat a lot of vegetables to eat more. We didn’t come from a background in the food industry, but yet we’ve had a lot of great feedback – and we put this down to using a majority of fresh vegetables and quality ingredients in our food – we find that the natural great taste of vegetables, herbs and spices really come through and that’s what people enjoy.

We are currently learning so much from Tonic and our customers – and really enjoy the process. We’ve been trying to be as creative as possible with our products, branding and operations and that’s something we really enjoy 🙂 

Tonic Website 
Location: Baan Promphong, 147 Suhkumvit soi 39

Thank you to Mr A.S., to Yinny, and to Sathit

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