Living in a city center has clearly many benefits, but in such a hectic city as Bangkok, wouldn’t we go crazy if we couldn’t get away from the constant business, noise and traffic once in a while?

While looking forward to the next gateway, the good news is that we do not need to go that far to experience some peace & quiet, no far at all!

At the very end of Sukhumvit soi 1 is “Ariyasom Villa”. A lovely boutique hotel in a house built in the 1940’s, with some designer’s work around it. As the translation of “Ariyasom” suggests, we are here stepping into a sanctuary. I would say, an oasis of tranquility in the middle of the urban hubbub.

The experience

Few weeks ago, when my mom was visiting, I wanted to take her to an enjoyable lunch; with quality food, nice and peaceful surroundings and a friendly service. Na Aroon seemed like the perfect option and it didn’t disappoint.

Well, the service was a little bit slow, but I guess that is just part of the whole ambiance. Here, we do not look at the clock, but it is more about quality time. At Na Aroon, you cannot be in a rush!

From our table, just beside the window, we cannot hear what is happening in the street, just the wind blowing in the trees that surrounds the restaurants and the pool area which is just few meters away.

The decoration is colourful and carefully chosen. You can feel that each piece comes with a story.

Our waiter (khun Aek) was very friendly and he was telling us how he loved the place when he first walked in and wanted to work there, as he would himself feel so relaxed and at ease in such a pleasant work environment. He actually seemed very happy, which made our lunch come with great service.

Our lunch

I am not vegetarian, but whenever I eat out, I am happy to consider vegan/vegetarian options to cut down on meat consumption, choosing quality over quantity.

Here at Na Aroon, there are no meat options, but on top of their large selection of vegetarian dishes, they also have fish and seafood.

What I loved about the menu, is that you can find typical Thai dishes, but revisited with a health-conscious mind. They also highlight that they do not use MSG. You will see healthy versions of Po-Pia, Tofu satay, Pomelo salad, Tom yum, Curries, as well as steamed or grilled fish.

The variety on the menu is extensive, and all seemed tempting so I went for one of the set menus (Vegetarian, 850 THB).
It includes 2 starters: Fresh spring rolls with tamarind sauce and a Spicy wing beans salad; 2 mains: Green curry with three varieties of eggplants and sweet basil leaves, some Deep fried crispy mushrooms with black pepper sauce.
For sides: some Stir-fried vegetables and Rice.
To finish, the dessert is “Gluay buad chee”, Baby banana in coconut milk.
Well, that seemed a lot just for one person, so my mom ordered the Mussaman curry (220 THB) and we shared everything.

I know that I can be very picky, but here I found everything was excellent! The Mussaman curry could have been served a little hotter, but it was fine just warm.

To go along with your main course, you won’t be served only plain rice, but two to four varieties depending on your order, including riceberry, brown rice, white rice and pea flower rice (the blue one). We had a good appetite but the servings being very generous, we left with a takeaway box.

Note: I am quite new to riceberry. I initially thought it was like red rice, but it is apparently a cross-breed between Thai jasmine and Thai purple rice. 

Let’s go back?

I would for sure go back there, I would probably recommend the hotel to my friends visiting, and as our waiter suggested, next time, go in the evening to experience a different ambiance.

As part of Ariyasom Villa facilities, there is the Spa “Som Sen”. Has any of you tried it and what did you think?


Na Aroon at Ariyasom Villa
65 Sukhumvit Soi 1 Klongtoey Nua,
Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: +662-254 8880-3 / +662-253 8800

> About 10 min walk from Ploen Chit BTS station

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